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Dance FloorDisco 7.30 pm - Live Music 8:00 pm

No Bar - Bring your own Drinks & Nibbles

Wheelchair Friendly - Line Dancing

Large Dance Floor - Ample secure off-road parking

Dates for 2017

7th January - Natalie Thurlow
21st January - Rick Storm
4th February - Calico
18th February - Richard Palmer
4th March - Rancher Duo
18th March - Daniel Berry
1st April - The Westons
15th April- Chris Harris
29th April - Chris Mezza
13th May - Fools Gold
27th May - Trey Jackson
10th June - Billy Curtis
24th June - Lass Vegas
8th July - Derek Derby
22nd July - MT Allan
Summer Break
26th August - Rob Childs
9th September - Nancy Ann Lee
23rd September - Paul Bailey
7th October - Nigel Slater
21st October - Chris Mezza
4th November - Carl Shay
18th November - Texas Tornadoes
2nd December - Richard Palmer
16th December - Tony Rouse
29th December (Friday)- John Dean

Dates for 2018

6th January - Tony Crooks
20th January - Chris Mezza
3rd February - Lass Vegas
17th February - Trey Jackson
3rd March - Paul Bailey
17th March - Fools Gold
31st March - Derek Darby
14th April - Darren Busby
28th April - Calico
12th May - Streamline
26th May - The Storms
9th June = Kelly McCall
23rd June - Chris Harris
7th July - MT Allan
21st July - Richard Palmer
***Summer Break***
18th August - Bob Keeley
1st September - Nigel Slater
15th September - John Doherty
29th September - Daniel Berry
13th October - Texas Tornados
27th October - Tony Crooks
10th November - Natalie Thurlow
27th November - Amy Morgan
8th December - Martin Jaye
22nd December - Lass Vegas
29th December - Rancher Duo
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